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Guardian Real Estate

Portland-based Guardian Real Estate has been evolving to support its expanding business and to enhance their operating margins. A significant part of this evolution involved augmenting their U.S. accounting resources with a diverse and skilled remote accounting team.

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Building a remote accounting team with Guardian Real Estate

Summer 2020: Guardian Real Estate partnered with Redux to navigate the creation of their first remote team, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

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The Challenge

Like many organizations, the pandemic was a catalyst for Guardian Real Estate to explore remote workforce possibilities. However, the niche market of property accounting and the novelty of managing remote employees posed significant hiring and retention challenges. Guardian also aimed to reassure their in-house staff that the remote hires were intended as supportive additions, not replacements, to efficiently manage the increasing workload.


The Approach

The collaboration began with in-person meetings involving key Guardian stakeholders (CEO, CFO, Controller) and Redux representatives. These discussions were crucial to comprehending Guardian's work culture and specific role requirements. Guardian provided detailed job descriptions based on their local recruitment efforts, paving the way for Redux to seek out the ideal candidates for these specialized roles.


The Results

The initial pilot with a single remote accountant was a resounding success, leading Guardian to scale up their remote team. Redux facilitated the formation of a diverse 12-member team, sourced from strategic locations across Latin America and India. This global team structure not only allowed business operations to continue round-the-clock but also led to significant cost savings and enhanced talent acquisition.

Business Growth: With a full-fledged team operating out of Redux's offices in Latin America and India, Guardian experienced a surge in operational capacity, enabling business growth and leveraging the benefit of different time zones.

Cost Efficiency and Increased Capacity: The expanded team led to an estimated annual savings of approximately $700,000, significantly enhancing Guardian's profit margins. More importantly, this expansion meant that Guardian no longer operated near capacity, providing them with the flexibility and bandwidth to seamlessly incorporate new properties into their portfolio without overburdening existing resources.

Talented Workforce: Several team members hold CPA certifications, elevating the quality of Guardian's property accounting. This global team composition marks a shift in Guardian’s approach to recruitment and workforce diversity.

Guardian Real Estate's commitment to a globally balanced workforce, with accountants in multiple geographic locations, is a testament to the successful collaboration with Redux.

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