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Guardian Real Estate

Portland-based Guardian Real Estate was looking to support its growing business. To accomplish this, they needed to augment their U.S. accounting resources by adding remote accounting resources.

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Building a remote accounting team with Guardian Real Estate

Summer 2020: Guardian Real Estate approached Redux to help guide Guardian through its first offshore and staff augmentation experience.

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The Challenge

As it has with many companies, the pandemic opened Guardian’s eyes to the possibility of a remote workforce. But, with property accounting being a niche market—and remote employees being a new venture—they were having difficulty hiring and retaining the talent they needed. It’s a challenging hiring pool and access to another market of talent was needed. Guardian also wanted their current employees to be assured that the new hires were not team replacements—they were team additions to help streamline the current (and future) workload.


The Approach

The project started with a face-to-face meeting between Redux and Guardian stakeholders, including their CEO, CFO and Controller. These initial meetings allowed us to understand Guardian’s work culture and requirements.  Since we were recruiting to fit specific roles, this was an important step in the process.

Guardian provided us with a detailed job description based on their local recruiting efforts and we got to work searching for the ideal candidates. Because Guardian was new to remote staffing, we mutually agreed to pilot their venture with a single accountant, allow a few months to review the process and then fine-tune the onboarding journey as needed.


The Results

Within a couple of months of launching the pilot, the single remote accountant proved to be a success and Guardian was ready to expand their remote team to fit their growing needs—so we built a dedicated team of six accountants working from our office in Cochin, India.

Business is booming
With their six-person team working seamlessly in our India offices, Guardian had the additional capacity for their business to grow into and benefit from the fact that work can be performed in the U.S. evenings and is ready for review by their accounting leadership in the U.S. mornings.

Costs are down
Guardian is saving approximately 50-60K per accountant per year with their team of six yielding an approximate savings of $300,000 - $350,000 per year. 

Talent is exceptional
Three of the six accountants have their CPA and prior to our relationship, Guardian did not have the ability to recruit that level of experience for their Property Accounting requirements. 

Guardian is now committed to having a globally balanced workforce with accountants in multiple geographic locations thanks to Redux Teams.

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