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One Data Source

“Redux’s Managed Teams provides OneDataSource a complete human resources solution, from recruiting our team members to ensuring their ongoing success and happiness.”

- Bruce Belvin, Founder and President of OneDataSource.

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The Challenge

OneDataSource’s business focuses on business intelligence (BI) and automation. With continual hiring needs, OneDataSource had a particularly challenging role on its Data Engineering team.

Hearing from an existing Redux client of our success in hiring highly technical resources across Latin America, OneDataSource opened a dialogue with us about how they could solve their hiring challenges by expanding their hiring scope to Latin America.


The Approach

The engagement began with a meeting between Redux and OneDataSource’s leadership teams. These initial meetings allowed Redux to learn about OneDataSource’s organizational culture, staffing challenges, and hiring preferences.

These initial meetings also allowed OneDataSource to learn what makes Redux’s process and ongoing retainment strategies unique and how we would work together for the long-term success of all stakeholders. Redux’s key differentiators include:

  • We only get paid so long as the team member remains with our client. We have a significant incentive to deliver success over the lifetime of the employment relationship.

  • Redux recruits to fit each unique position. We do not require our clients to work with our existing team members.

  • Our clients participate in the recruiting and vetting process. Redux performs the initial personality assessment, technical testing, and panel shortlisting. Our clients may run their series of interviews and tests before making a hiring decision.

  • Our pricing is straightforward, based on a flat, predictable monthly rate. We do not require annual contracts.

The Process

We collaborated with OneDataSource to prepare the initial job descriptions and seek candidates based on their business needs and criteria. We focused our initial efforts on finding the right Data Engineer to support their ETL development requirements — a key component in their business’s competitive advantages.

OneDataSource actively participated in the vetting process while Redux performed initial shortlisting, testing, and interviewing. OneDataSource had the opportunity to meet with each potential candidate to determine who’d be the best fit before making a hiring decision.


The Results

In less than a year, we’ve helped OneDataSource secure and establish top-level engineering resources across multiple technology stacks — including support for Data Engineering, Full Stack, and Backend development spanning two countries (Colombia and the Dominican Republic).

“To refer to Redux as technical recruiters would be an understatement.” Says Bruce Belvin, Founder, and President of OneDataSource. “Redux’s Managed Teams provides OneDataSource a complete human resources solution, from recruiting our team members to ensuring their ongoing success and happiness.  We feel significantly more comfortable recruiting in Latin America, knowing Redux is with us beyond the initial hiring.  They are a true partner.”

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