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You can lean on our AWS expertise 24/7.

Our AWS expertise and offerings are unmatched, from architecture design and migration assistance to monitoring and complete management services.

Unmatched cloud service offerings, 19 years strong and growing.

With Redux AWS, we partner each client with an account manager, technical project manager, and named DevOps Engineers who deeply immerse themselves in the workings of your business and service architecture—and our Site Reliability Engineering team offers support 24/7/365.

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Our AWS knowledge and expertise runs deep

24/7 AWS Engineering and Technical Support

AWS is our Expertise

Cost efficient AWS solutions

Frequently asked questions about Managed AWS.

Where is Redux located?

We are headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with operations in six countries and five time zones across the U.S., Latin America, and India.

How does your pricing work?

We provide a predictable flat rate per month based on the complexity of your architecture. We do not charge setup or onboarding fees.

Do I still need AWS Premium Support?

Nearly all of our clients forego AWS Premium Support when working with us. We provide much more comprehensive support and service than AWS Premium Support.

What contract terms are required?

Support contracts are month-to-month with 30 days’ notice. If we are building new architecture, contract terms range from 6-12 months based on the complexity of the architecture.

What is your SLA?

Service level response times are within 15 minutes on average. Our SLA ranges from 1-hour to 15-minute first response guarantees, depending on your support plan.

Who owns the AWS account?

You own your AWS account. If you do not have an AWS account, we will set one up on your behalf and transfer ownership to you.

Who owns Redux?

Redux is owned by its founder, Thomas Brenneke, who actively participates in new and existing client partnerships. As a founder-led organization, we retain the same customer-focused obsession we’ve had since day one.

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