Managed Amazon Web Services

Our Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions are supported by our AWS Certified engineers who live and breathe the cloud 24/7/365, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

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Lean on our expertise

We partner with you in providing services from one-time setup to ongoing 24/7/365 support and maintenance. No two platforms are the same which is why we don’t apply a cookie cutter model to our service offerings.

Amazon Web Services simplified -- your time focused on your business

From cost control to best practice design, we live and breathe the AWS cloud so you don’t have to.

Care for your resources

Services and instances still need to be patched. Our 24/7 team ensures your compute instances and services are patched on regularly scheduled intervals including on-demand as new threats emerge.

Cost control

Concerned about your cloud expenses? Through our years of experience, the savings we generate can more than pay for our services.

Stay focused

Hire more developers for your team and rely on our DevOps and Cloud engineers to keep your engine running for less than the cost of a single W-2 full-time engineer.

Our service offerings are unmatched

We’ve had fifteen years to perfect our managed services, and have chosen the most powerful cloud to focus our energy on.

Infrastructure as a Service
Platform Architecture Design
Migration Assistance
CI/CD Pipeline Building and Support
PCI-DSS / CIS Architecture Design
Guest OS and Service Patching
3rd Party Uptime Monitoring
Disaster Recovery Planning
Cost and Budgeting by a Human
24/7/365 Real-Time Support
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Our plans start at $1,000 per month on a month-to-month basis and scale based on the complexity of your environment. Enterprise plans supporting technologies such as Kubernetes and business-critical SLAs begin at $4,500 per month.

To keep our services simple, we maintain a consistent flat monthly rate and do not charge you more as your AWS spend increases.

If we take on the management of an existing AWS environment, our services are month-to-month and may be canceled with 30-days notice. Only in cases where we are building a new environment or making significant changes to an existing environment would a term contract be necessary. Term contracts range from 3-12 months depending on the complexity of your environment and the amount of time necessary to build it.
You do. We consider ourselves a guest in your house and respect your right to maintain independence or ask us to leave at any time.
Each client receives an account manager, technical project manager, and at minimum, two build engineers who become deeply knowledgeable of your business and service architecture. Your build engineers are then supported 24/7/365 by our Site Reliability Engineering team through continued cross-training and internal knowledge transfer.

For our plans starting at $1,000 per month, we guarantee a response to your request within 30-minutes 24/7/365. As we are closely monitoring your environment using AWS CloudWatch and 3rd party uptime reporting, we are usually aware and responding to a matter before you submit a request. For response time guarantees under 15-minutes, our plans start at $4,500.

To support a quick turnaround, Slack is a popular tool with our clients providing access to our engineers in real time within a moments notice.

Most of our team members are well versed in multi-cloud, including on-premise, Azure and GCP. As well, some of our clients prefer to be cloud agnostic, avoiding AWS-only services for their environments. We're happy to support you whether you go all-in AWS or wish to maintain a multi-cloud strategy.
Our foundation in 2004 has allowed us the opportunity to perform a significant number of data migrations. In 2012 we completed a monumental physical data center migration in the Pacific Northwest, and since 2016 we've been migrating our traditional hosting clients to Amazon Web Services. Our migrations to AWS have included from both on-premise and other cloud providers.
We do not. Founded in 2004, we maintain our Pacific Northwest headquarters in Portland, Oregon and have team members spanning three continents to support our globally distributed client base 24/7. All team members are employees of Redux.
We treat your data as it were our own, and our Managed Services Agreement includes a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to govern the handling of your data. Each Redux employee is subject to background checks and must sign a stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement before joining our team.
Founded in 2004 by Thomas Brenneke, he maintains 100% ownership of the Oregon-based LLC and actively participates in new and existing client partnerships. As a founder-led organization, we retain the same customer-focused passion we've had since our first day.

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